Themes II
Here is the second list of additional themes (previous page is here).
To install the icons, simply download the zip-file, and unpack all the files in the archive to the themes-directory of MP3ext. Click on the example, to get a list of all the icons for this theme.

 Author: MB   Download: (17kb)
 Comment: Includes icons in 48x48 and WinXP-versions.
Bollis Winamp3 Icons   

 Author: Kris McCann   Download: (106kb)
 Comment: Includes icons in 48x48 and WinXP-versions.

 Author: Francois Robiquet   Download: (46kb)
 Comment: Includes icons in 48x48.
Fluo Leds   

 Author: Robert C. Davis   Download: (13kb)
 Comment: Includes icons in 48x48.
Win Style   
XP Style   

 Author:   Download: (6kb)

 Author: Sharad Khanna   Download: (3kb)
Sharad Icons   

 Author: GyrFalcon   Download: (5kb)

 Author: Khalil Bey   Download: (11kb)
Gauge Theme   
NoteTheme 1   
NoteTheme II   

 Author:   Download: (15kb)

If you want too supply additional themes, feel free to do so. I will add them to this list.
It would be nice, if you can send the example-files too: the 128kb-icon as 16x16-small-icon.png and 32x32-big-icon.png. The backgrounds of the GIFs should be of the color #F0F0F0. Then a complete list of all the small & big icons. I took a snapshot of two explorer views.

After you finished all, send them to

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